The Coronavirus & Gateshead Clubhouse

Latest Update (2/7/20):-

Gateshead Clubhouse will be re-opening on Monday 6th July 2020
4 days per week with limited availability

Hi All,
From Monday 6th of July Gateshead Clubhouse will be reopening with reduced hours / days & a limit of 18 people at any time allowed into Gateshead Clubhouse.

We will be open 4 days a week:

  • Monday @ 11am - 3.00pm
  • Tuesday @ 11am - 3.00pm
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday @ 11am - 3.00pm
  • Friday @ 11am - 3.00pm
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

Please ring (0191 440 9033) on the day you plan on coming to see if there is enough capacity for you to attend!
We can only accept 18 members inside the building at any time currently.

From Monday 6th July We are asking members to call us on the day to see if they can attend, this will be monitored on a ongoing basis and may have change as the weeks go on so we can accommodate as many of our members as we can.

For further information and guidance on Gateshead Clubhouse reopening please read below.
Welcome Back To Clubhouse!
Paul O.

Letter From Tee Morley - Chair of Gateshead Clubhouse:

Hi all and a very warm welcome to everyone who has braved the germs after a 3-month break in service due to the Corona Virus pandemic.

Most importantly you must not attend if you feel unwell and will be asked to leave.
If someone were to contract the disease at Gateshead Clubhouse we may have to shut again.

What's changing?

  • Hand sanitizer & regular hand washing is required inside the building.
  • You must maintain a 2-meter distance from everyone around you at all times.
  • Please stick to the floor markings and signs as indicated. Follow the rules set out for you (see below).
  • Cafe is closed (but you can still bring your own food).
  • 1 person per dining table - please move on after finishing your meal.
  • Pool table is closed.
  • Restricted number of computers usable.
  • Taped areas in toilets are out of bounds.
  • Windows will need to remain open throughout the opening times.

Face Masks are not mandatory but if you feel safer with one on it is your choice.
(Please note - these are all temporary restrictions that may change in due course.)

You’ll definitely find a fair few changes to comply with new laws on social distancing and gathering in groups.

Just before we closed we all started to use hand sanitizer more. When we re-open this is a requirement along with frequent hand washing and vigilance by the member reps to remind folk when they forget to do something.
Unfortunately, if we can't manage the situation to comply with these new laws, we cannot remain open, so it is important for us all to "do our bit".

You will notice there are areas/seating sealed off. This is to comply with a 2-metre rule away from everyone unless you are a in a social ‘bubble’. (You would know).
For the same reason some of the computers are sealed off. Part of the flooring around the main seating area is being used as a ‘racetrack’ with a one-way system in operation so as not to cross paths or bump into folk. Tape on the floor marks where you should queue for the till/drinks station (A bit like Tesco). If in doubt, ask us.

In heavy traffic areas e.g. around the till/drinks trolley/fridges/kitchen; the floor has been sectioned off into squares where each square can only hold one person.
Please be patient with each other and keep your distance at all times.

Only one person is allowed at a dining table at a time so please do not linger in this area when you have finished your food.
There won’t be any cafe food served in the beginning until we work out what we have to do to comply and be safe, but you can bring food in as usual.

In the toilets certain amenities have been taped off to make sure we can easily keep our distance in the smallest room in the house. As a general rule in this case: Tape means no access.

The reps will have more jobs than usual – we will have extra reps about on the first few days just as a standby.

Unfortunately, the pool table is out of use at the moment and groups from adults learning will be operating from their premises. If you need help with a group, please ask a rep.

If we get good weather, we will be opening the fire doors and putting seating out on the grass but in any case, we will have to open the windows at least.

Kind Regards,
Chair of Gateshead Clubhouse
Tee Morley.

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Well done for reading all that (I'm assuming you did..right?).
Anyway here's a happy cat for you.
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