The Coronavirus & Gateshead Clubhouse

Latest Update (03/11/20):-

Clubhouse Temporary Closure - 2nd Lockdown
Beginning Thursday 5th November 2020

Unfortunately, due to the recent news regarding the lockdown being re-introduced, Wednesday 4th November will sadly be our final day open until December. We are required to close until December 2nd 2020, where local regulations will be brought back and will allow us to re-open all being well.

This is not an open ended lockdown like the first we had in March, and has some subtle differences to it (which you can read here), but it remains very familiar regarding the rules and closing for non-essential public places.

We have set up a closed facebook group. This group is for Gateshead Clubhouse members. This group is a place where we can talk to each other and offer peer support to each other during our period of closure. Group linked Here.

Please do your absolute best to stay safe & keep to the rules for everyone’s sake. The effects of this are felt worldwide, remember you are not fighting alone.

Posted 23/10/20:-

New Members Notice:

Due to Covid restrictions we are running a limited service with a limited capacity.

At this time we are not accepting any new members, however we are accepting new referrals from professionals.

All new referrals will be put on a waiting list until restrictions ease.
If you are a professional that can refer clients (GP / CPN / Support Worker), please email us here for the forms and please provide any info of your line of work + contact details.

Posted 31/8/20:-

Coronavirus Funding Application - BLF

We are pleased to announce that Gateshead Clubhouse have successfully received funding from the Big Lottery Fund which will help us recover the loss of revenue experienced by many during this ongoing crisis.

Covid-19 affects our main income generators that keep us going. Both our room bookings and café takings experienced big losses and continue to be restricted as we slowly return to normality.

This funding will also help us to upgrade our garden area and add new seating areas outside for future picnics / barbeques / outdoor activities along with additional support to our member’s wellbeing through a time that has been difficult for us all.

We are fortunate to have this help and give our sincerest gratitude to the Big Lottery Fund for helping us through, and to those of us who identified and applied!

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