The Coronavirus & Gateshead Clubhouse

Latest Update (17/3/20):-

As from 2.00pm today Gateshead Clubhouse will be closed temporarily until further notice due to the Coronavirus.

We have set up a closed facebook group. This group is for Gateshead Clubhouse members and carers only.
This group is a place where we can talk to each other and offer peer support to each other during our period of closure. Group linked here -->

Kind regards,
Paul Ogle.

Posted 16/3/20:-

Dear members,
as the spread of the Corona Virus continues, the Gateshead Clubhouse is following our preparation plan to ensure that we can remain open and provide our services for all Clubhouse members. To reduce the spreading the Corona Virus, we are taking steps to minimise the risk to our members; this includes stopping all groups and activities which are run by external organisations. As well as this we are cancelling any activities/meetings and room hires arranged/including external parties. We will also not be accepting any new membership applications for the present time.

If you are symptomatic, please follow the government advice; which can be found Here.
As well as this, if you are self isolating please inform the Clubhouse by telephone: 0191 440 9033.

To enable us to keep in contact with our members, we are providing all this information on our website. Please visit this page often, as it will be updated daily with information for members. We have also set up a Facebook group which will help members keep in touch with each other which can be found Here, or at the link at the bottom of the page anywhere on this website.

We will continue to monitor the situation and follow Government/Local authority advice. Information is available at the Clubhouse and we will continue to update the website accordingly.

Should we need to close we will update members by email, text and through the website. Please try to review the website daily for updates on the situation.

Many thanks - and please take care.
Michael A.

Posted 12/3/20:-

Dear members, carers and friends

As you will all be aware the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a top story in the news across the world. As a result of the outbreak, Gateshead Clubhouse has a Hygiene and Infection Control strategy in place to help disrupt and prevent the spread of infections within the centre.

Please find attached information which we will be distributing and going through together over the coming days. They are all common sense things but worth reminding ourselves of. It is important that we all work together on the measures put in place, please can you read and action.

Highlighted points and advice from the World Health Organisation and the NHS are:

  • The importance of regular and good hand washing:
    • After going to the toilet
    • Coughing or Sneezing
    • Before and after eating.
    (We will be providing antibacterial hand wash so you can wash your hands regularly at the centre and also providing antibacterial hand gel for you to use, whilst it is available.)
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, as this is how infections enter the body.
  • Use tissues if you cough or sneeze and put them in a bin with a closed lid. If you do not have a tissue to hand then using the inside of your arm/elbow and not your hands is the advice. The Lawnmowers will be providing tissues and tissue only bins at the centre to help with this.
  • We are aware that as an organisation we can come into contact with a wide range of people including NHS staff. Currently we are not planning to close the Clubhouse, but have a plan in place to limit the spread of infection whilst we closely follow the Governments’ advice and guidelines.


    Please be advised that if you have any symptoms such as coughing, fever, shortness of breath you should self isolate and stay at home until you are medically cleared. Should anyone come to the Clubhouse displaying these symptoms they will be asked to leave immediately. If you find yourself in the position where you have to self-isolate please inform the Clubhouse on 0191 440 9033 and monitor this website and your email for continued updates.

    If you are unsure about whether or not to self isolate NHS 111 has an online coronavirus service that can tell you if you need medical help and advise you what to do,

    The NHS advice is, do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital, and call 111 if you need to speak to someone. If you have been in contact with someone who has Coronavirus you should not attend Lawnmowers for 14 days after coming into contact with that person, even if you feel well.

    Should you have any questions, queries or concerns you can contact us on 0191 440 9033.

    Best regards
    Gateshead Clubhouse

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